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The Story

20 January 2013 - The Britannian Observatory

The famous professor Herbert, while verifying the alignment of our two Moons, is stunned by an unusual light cone that from the two satellites lies on Ilshenar. He goes to the exact place and realizes that the light illuminates four tiles of a dungeon. A few minutes pass and that mysterious light disappears!
Professor Herbert removes the tiles and finds an ancient manuscript composed of several pages in various languages. He takes the scrolls and goes to the great Mage of Wind.

24 January 2013 - The Lost City of Wind

The Mage and the Professor try to interpret those ancient pages. Then, together they decide to call for help other wisemen of Sosaria: scribes, necromancers and mages. At their arrival, they resume the studying of the manuscript and decide, as indicated, to move to the Ankh Dungeon as a precaution.

12 April 2013 - The Ankh Dungeon

Finally, at the wisemen the contents of the pages become clear: it's all about the creation of a magical, powerful and unpredictable Creature! Studying the formula they revoke the old procedure and, thanks to the power of lightning and the energy of lava falls, they manage to channel the essence of some of the dreaded monsters of Sosaria and to recreate the being narrated in the ancient writings: Brutal Carnage!

The amazement and the dread of the wisemen pervades the room when they see the Creature appearing, determined to spread its wings and emit a long and frightful sound.

Six big fireballs come from its mouth and cooling off they take the shape of six big magma eggs.

With a powerful spell, the mages paralyze the monster for a moment and Herber suggest to steal the eggs and separate them from him. So the eggs are divided and taken in different places with different features: an underground lake, a lava river, a swamp, a high windy mountains, an appendage of Exodus Dungeon and a glacier.

As time goes by, the eggs hatch and six different monsters indissolubly linked to Brutal Carnage appear: Aquarius, Magmason, Swamper, Hurricane, Electrobeast and Cryogenix.

These creatures, just like the powerful Brutal Carnage, have the power to create magical items with unique properties!

31 July 2013 - Lord British's Castle

Darkness and terror reigns on Sosaria. According to the wisemen, there's no holding back. Warriors will face, once again, new.. and Dangerous Adventures!

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