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[Event] The Siege - October 2019

14/10/2019, 18:34 - TauronStaff

The event this month will take place on three different dates:

Monday 21 October at 9:00pm The first two Abominations will appear
Wednesday 23 October at 9:00pm two more Abominations will make their appearance
Monday 28 October at 9:00pm the last Abomination will appear and will open the doors to the Harbinger on Felucca

The locations where these mobs will appear are not known yet, but you will be notified directly once Professor Herbert has found the exact location !!!

More info: here

[Event] *** The Regenerations ***

8/10/2019, 22:10 - TauronStaff

Through the studies of Professor Herbert we discovered that the storm hit
the core of the Exodus dungeon causing immense energy loss

This energy brought down the barriers that enclosed Exodus and the Rustybot
within the containment walls created to not free them in our world

More info: here

[News] *** The Blackthorn's Royal Tailor ***

27/9/2019, 16:03 - TauronStaff

From today talking to Blackthorn's Royal Tailor you will have the chance to combine your "Conjurer's Garb" with a "Hooded Shroud Of Shadows" to get a "Hooded Robe Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn"

More info: here

[Event] *** The Siege ***

25/9/2019, 21:41 - TauronStaff

On the research carried out by Professor Herbert
Now we know with certainty that our world
is going to be invaded by very powerful creatures.

Prepare your weapons, because these invasions will be repeated about once every 30 days...

More info: here

[Event] The Beginning Of The Siege

13/9/2019, 21:48 - TauronStaff

Trammel, Malas, ilshenar, Tokuno and Ter-Mur was in danger but the most endangered world will undoubtedly be that of felucca.
We are called to find out what is really going on in order to start anyway.

More info: here

[EVENT] The Rise Of Exodus ***FELUCCA ONLY***

18/5/2019, 19:19 - TauronStaff

We already know that Exodus
he summoned his five Champions
in five different points
on Felucca ....

Our only chance now
is to face these Champions
and then Exodus whose power
will manifest itself in the center of these five points !!!

More info: here


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