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[Event] Winter Bagball Tournament

28/12/2021, 19:32 - TauronStaff

You are all welcome to join the
Winter Bagball Tournament

which will take place
On January 3 at 09:00pm
in Luna's Bagball arena

More info: here

[Event] Looking For Rudolph's Nose

21/12/2021, 0:26 - TauronStaff

Finally that time of year has come
where the atmosphere makes every situation of the day magical
Christmas music and furnishings are already beginning to show
on the streets of Sosaria

We all look forward like every year
to meet Santa Claus to receive gifts!
This year it doesn't really look like it will happen
nothing strange, it almost seems boring ...

More info: here

[Champion Masters Event] The Essence Of The Evil One

21/12/2021, 0:22 - TauronStaff

An endless fight against evil has been raging on Felucca for years now
hordes of creatures of all kinds haunt the dungeons
and heroic men fight every day to oust evil ...

At a time when few heroes
they enter these bloody lands
A hideous creature that we all already know
has disseminated its essence on the Champions!

More info: here

[Event] The Dark Path - Second Edition (22-10-2021)

21/12/2021, 0:19 - TauronStaff

With Halloween returns too the Dark Path in their Second Edition !!!

By completing the Dark Path, special Artifacts will be possible!
The Artifact in the Second Edition was change and there are some news!!!
Before starting the dungeon, you can collect objectives from the Time Lord to complete in the dungeon
completing it you will receive "Special Pumpkin" to use at the Halloween Collector in the Party Area

More info: here

[Event] [PvP] Halloween Tournament 3vs3 Pumpkin's Head (22-10-2021)

21/12/2021, 0:16 - TauronStaff

Are you ready for the Halloween tournament?
Who will lose their head?

Which team will win the tournament ???

Come forward...

More info: here

[Event] A Clainin's Dream (22-10-2021)

21/12/2021, 0:13 - TauronStaff

One of the most powerful wizards in the service of Britannia, Clainin has fallen into a perpetual slumber.
Dark forces attracted to his great powers could immediately take advantage of it.
Nightmares, delusions and worries at this time
resurface in Clainin's mind.

Meanwhile in Chade the necromancers are worried,
the place where it appeared last year
the Pillar of the Dark Path
is exposed to powerful magic!

More info: here


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