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The Abyss Journey - Part III

5/9/2017, 0:19 - TauronStaff

During the past weeks, we finally slammed the barriers which hindered access to Ter-Mur
lands thanks to the efforts of Britain Royal Palace researchers.

With the collaboration of gargoyle queen Zhah
new artifacts have been disclosed and
furthermore our craftsmen improved their
knowledge in gargish crafting...

More info: here

[ANNUNCIO FIX] Fix del 2017/09/03

3/9/2017, 21:57 - lilithstaff

staff activities slowed down a bit during summertime.
Now that summer break is coming to an end, we are willing to keep up with our duties towards UODreams development and assure you of our committment and passion.

We inform you that from today September 3rd, 2017 we will add several fixes to the Main Server...

More info: here

[Event] Minax Chronicles - UODreams 14th Anniversary

16/5/2017, 1:52 - lilithstaff

It's a couple of days now that rumors are spreading that some cities in Sosaria
are under Demons' attacks.
Our main concern now is understanding what it is about.
Many explorers have been charged to seek information
in some of these cities, but...

More info: here


16/4/2017, 20:49 - Owner Onision

Today opens public beta of, the new server monitoring project for unofficial multiplayer games.

The project is implemented by our old friend, KaileeDemon of UOShards.

You can already start voting for UODreams

More info: here

UODreams presents: Champion Masters

14/4/2017, 17:49 - Owner Onision

Here we go, the moment is near.

"Champion Masters" it is the challenge between the guilds
that fight in the territories of Felucca
and it is about to begin!

Call your group,
prepare, sharp weapons
and may the best guild win!

More info: here

[Event] Pierre Hermé and the Easter's Cake

14/4/2017, 17:47 - Owner Onision

Pierre Hermé, a famous baker at Lord Blackthorn's Palace,
wants to out do himself by making a very special cake.

More info: here


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