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[Event] Rite Of The Seas - The Alchemy Demon Lord

5/7/2024, 21:59 - TauronStaff

On an ancient island situated in the Sea of the Lost Lands, the native tribe suffered the plundering of numerous treasures at the hands of the daring Captain Hawkmoon's crew. Ignoring the warnings of the tribal rite, Hawkmoon challenged fate, unleashing the wrath of the island's inhabitants. Brutally murdered and robbed, the members of the tribe cast a powerful curse, invoking the demon Haagenti...

More info: here

[Event] Treasure of the Corsair's

27/6/2024, 21:27 - TauronStaff

Uncharted seas always hold surprises; no sailor has yet uncovered the secrets of the sea. Only the most notorious pirate captains, who have sailed all the seas in their lifetimes, are aware of the existence of enormous sea monsters, unimaginable legends, and hidden treasures! Captain Barbarossa's ship has once again docked in Sosaria, returning from a long journey and dangerous battles in the seven seas. Their ship needs further repairs, and the crew requires some supplies before setting sail again. The sailors are already buzzing with excitement, sharing their adventures and the legends they have discovered during these two long years of navigation with the townspeople. Are we ready to dive into a new adventure?

More info: here

[Event] [PvP] 3vs3 21th Anniversary Death Tournament

14/5/2024, 23:55 - TauronStaff

Here is the 21th Anniversary tournament
which will take place into the Serpent's Hold Wall

Which team will win the tournament?

More info: here

[Event] Tokuno Event 2024

14/5/2024, 23:53 - TauronStaff

On the occasion of the 21st Anniversary of UODreams, in conjunction with the Xorina Mission event
on 24, 25 and 26 May
The Tokuno Event will be active!

More info: here

[Event] Martian Dreams - The Xorinite Dimension

14/5/2024, 23:51 - TauronStaff

The realm of the wisps in the ethereal void has become unreachable since the Dark Path was corrupted by Batlin's power. Being interdimensional creatures, wisps do not individually possess a great memorization capacity, in fact they often exchange the information acquired during their existence by sending it towards their collective consciousness, called Xorinite!

More info: here

[Event] Xorina Mission 2024

14/5/2024, 23:37 - TauronStaff

The Xorina Event gives you the opportunity to accumulate points, through the delivery of artifacts, to receive truly special prizes!!!
The event is open to everyone and, as usual, both artifacts dropped before the opening of the event and new ones will be deliverable!

In this edition there will be further new prizes
which will be revealed a few days before the opening of the event!!!

More info: here


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