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This agreement was written in Italian(IT). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Italian version, the Italian version controls.


(updated on 12 July 2017)

Order and peace are reigning on UODreams ensuring the development and growth for all the players.

Regulation Index:

1. UODreams is a part of the GamesNet panel
2. GamesNet Geneal Condition and LAN Rules
3. Players and game mechanisms
4. Big variety in gameplay in exchange for correctness
5. Away players
6. Harassment and sanctions
7. Repetition of messages in game
8. Market and Auctioneer
9. Extra game Sale/Purchase

Focus on penalties (Recidivism,etc..)

Chat Rules and Private Message in game

Tasks of the Staff

The Staff indicates and ensures UODreams development path, draws rules to ensure a peaceful game for all the users, use any means it deems relevant to make them uniformly respected and contrasts by any means the attitudes against them.

Types Of Rules Issued By The Staff

Regulations are sets of rules that contain duties and precise indications that all the players must respect, they deal with multiple categories and are issued unanimously by the Staff.

Directives are rules that contain requirements and precise indications that all players must respect, deal with individual categories, are issued unanimously by the Staff.

Decisions are actions taken by a Staff member indicative or binding only for the recipients to whom they are addressed and about the subject they deal.

The interpretation and implementation of all rules issued by the UODreams Staff,every evaluation, every discussions and every resolution of issues relating to UODreams are due only to the UODreams Staff.

To ensure maximum transparency of its work, the Staff grants to all those players who will suffer measures for violating or disregarded as required by regulations, directives and decisions, to be able to request brief information via page on the reason or extent of the action.

Only if granted by the Staff, the player, guilty of having violated or disregarded as required by regulations, directives or decisions, will be able to have information of the ground or the extent of the action in closing statements.

The Staff will always act unanimously following common sense to ensure equity and fair play for all.

Staff Structure

Staff have a pyramidal organisational structure.

The higher level is represented by Owners and UODreams Administrators.

They are accountable for UODreams general progress and they are the only GamesNet contact points.

According with the game Seer they define UODreams developing path, events, dealing with players issues and UODreams rules.

The second level is represented by UODreams Seer.
They are accountable for 3 areas in which are divided the UODreams Staff competence:

Developer Area is mainly focused on implementation, monitoring and adjustment of game mechanics and expansions.
The Developer Admin is responsible for coordinating the work and he's responsible for Developers in accordance with development guidelines settled on UODreams.

Quester Area is mainly focused on creation and management of event designed to entertain all kind of players.
The Quester Admin is responsible for coordinating the work and he's responsible for Questers in accordance with development guidelines settled on UODreams.

Pager Area deals with management and resolution of players issues, the full implementation of regulations and ensure by any means order and safe prosperity on UODreams.
The Seer is responsible for coordinating the work and he's responsible for the Game Masters, he can manage and decide on all issues related to the Pager Area.

The third level is represented by UODreams GM.
they deal with decisions taken and put in place the required work in their area.

The fourth level is represented by UODreams Counselors and Helpers.
They are new members of the Staff. The Helpers’ job is just to help Game Masters in their daily tasks.


UODreams community has to know, respect and act according to the rules issued by UODreams Staff, General Condition and rules of GamesNet, respect UODreams and GamesNet Staffs and player.

Main Rules For Players

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I. UODreams is a part of the GamesNet panel.

Here below some extract of the General Condition GamesNet Contract:

PRIVACY: the access to is allowed via client identification code (UserID) and a key word (Password). User is responsible to preserve the password diligently, by keeping for the entire duration of the subscription both the code and the key word. User will therefore be responsabile for any damage caused by knowledge, which is the use, of the password or UserId by third-party. User undertake to inform immediately to EPYX s.p.a. any possible theft, loss, which is appropriation to any licence by third-party of the password or UserId.

So, your password is confidential, you should carefully preserve it and not reveal it to anyone.
You are the only ones accountable for the safety of your details and their use.

Consequently, you will not be able to claim back items no longer on the account for your little attention. For the same reasons, also, will be punished who is found logged with another account.

GUARANTEES: the customer ensures that any material or message eventually put into public areas of imputable to himself under identification code or password is an ownership or in his own legal availability, at fault, obligating the customer to hold harmless the EPYX s.p.a. from any harmful consequences. The customer, furthermore, ensures that said material doesn't violate or transgress any copyright, trademark, patent or any other right resulting from the Law , from contract and from custom. The customer, furthermore, take note of the fact that is prohibited use or give way to others to use against morality and public order or for the purpose to harass public or private peace, giving offence , or direct or indirect damage to anyone and trying of violating anyway the private messages secrets.

So, every information or material that you introduce on GamesNet must be of your property, freeing EPYX s.p.a. of any consequences.
It's forbidden using services of Gamesnet against morality or public order, to cause annoyance or offense against the public peace or private, direct or indirect harm to anyone or violate the secrecy of private messages.

SUBSCRIPTION USE: The customer will be able to use the subscription for a single access. In particular is expressily excluded the possibility to give the subscription contract to a third-party, free of charge or onerous, temporarily or permanently, without the EPYX s.p.a. written consent.

So, the customer can have only one account.
It is forbidden to give to others his own account without the written consent of EPYX s.p.a.

The applicant must read the contractual conditions before accepting the subscription.

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II. GamesNet general terms and conditions and LAN regulation

Customer will be able to use the subscription for a single access.

That means is not allowed connecting more than one account from a single access point.

If more people want to connect from the same Internet connection, they must promptly report their situation to the Staff.

A. If the sharing of the Internet connection is not sporadic, all involved accounts must inform the Staff via the LAN section. In their report, people involved have to indicate all the accounts linked by the same Internet connection and specify a valid reason for the link (You'll can play also if the LAN will be on "waiting" status).

B. If the sharing of the Internet connection is sporadic, each account involved has to inform the Staff via Page.

a. When different players are using the same computer, it is not possible for them being into the game simultaneously. Each account must wait 30 mins since the log out of the different previous one before log into the game.

b. If the log-in is made from different computers, is possible log into the game simultaneously.

Accounts related to the same connection cannot being simultaneously log into the game if players are not in front of the screen.

This means that it's not even possible to play actively with an account while the other it's online without the player physically present.

The only accepted case of LAN account where the player may not be physically present if it's at that time is the only connected account.

Any infringement of this regulation will lead to the rejection of the LAN report with related penalties in the case of Multi / Share account.

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III. Players and game mechanics

On UODreams all the players have the same growth opportunities thanks to the same-for-all game settings and game client.

It is forbidden to share or implement procedures to change or evade these mechanisms to get unusual and unexpected benefits.

Bug Abusing and game file modifications

A. Bug Abusing

It's forbidden to take advantage, or abusing,of any kind of bug, (exploit, loophole) on game dynamics allowing profit or incorrect advantage towards other players.

Additionally its forbidden publicising these bugs or explain tricks to get rich compared to other players in both game, forum or any other mode.

Otherwise is obligatory to immediately inform the Staff about the possible discovery of bugs or anomalies through page by web site. The penalties we are facing for bug abusing, depending on the severity of the latter, may vary from a minimum of 10 days in jail, to wipe and account ban.

B. Game files modifications

It's not allowed to modify without the explicit consent of the Staff any element of the Ultima Online client needed to play with particular reference to (.mul, .uop) data files and the binary executable.

It's allowed to use assistant for connecting to the game (ex. Razor, UOSteam, Stealth, Injection, etc.) provided with due respect for all the regulation parts.

Using of patch for encryption removal is meant as an authorized modification. the infringement of the following regulation point can fall, depending on the gravity, simply in "cheating" or in "bug abusing".

Decisions in this regard are totally at the discretion of the Staff!

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IV. Big variety in exchange for correct behavior

UODreams offers a big variety in gameplay and action asking a correct behavior to every players.

A Correct behavior do not cause offense, direct or indirect detriment to UODreams or GamesNet, unnecessary work or disturb for their Staffs.

It is forbidden to use the names of UODreams or GamesNet Staffs or acting as them or promote services or products unrelated to GamesNet.

Choosen name shall not be a way to create provocation and must not cause any annoyance that it is of religious or civic nature and shall not refer both directly and indirectly to serial killers or sentenced persons for crimes against humanity within the previous 100 years.

In addition, The same applies to the guilds names, any type of group, a house, an animal (pet), a boat, NPC (eg vendor) or any item that can be visible to the public.

It is recalled that the name will be verified by the Staff, any decision will be indisputable.

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V. Absent players

It's granted to absent players, without causing unnecessary damage to the present players characters, to automatically operate your character ONLY for
  • training skills
  • training stats
  • chopping trees or creating boards
  • mining or creating ingots
  • killing creatures to get leather, feathers, dragon scales, bones and Magery, Necromancy, Mysticism reagents (except the Daemon Bone)
  • interacting with NPC to manage BulkOrderDeeds
  • complete BulkOrderDeeds
  • fishing
  • crafting items

It is forbidden to use automated scripts even if physically at the PC (automatic recall script, kill & loot) to loot everything that is not part of the activities that can be done away (excluding the silver coins for which the farm is not away) inside and outside the dungeons of any facet.

Pet with [replica] tags can be used only for the young quest and not away.

It's, therefore, forbidden to kill animals / monsters who drop artifacts or special items.

Also, it's forbidden to stop near the stealable artifacts spot having the stealing skill higher than zero (not The human basic one) or having In the backpack (Including the backpack of pets or Summons) items with stealing skill bonuses allowing you to steal above-mentioned artifacts.

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VI. Harassment and sanctions

To maintain prosperity in UODreams must reign harmony and concord among players. and the common sense of everyone is the first weapon to avoid conflicts.

Where it not enough, is forbidden to persistently take, latently or obviously, every harassing behaviour, unwanted and unusual to unnecessarily disturb the normal gampeplay of other players or to violate any personal dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

These behaviour are called Harassment.

Players who implement Harassment may be reported by other players in game through a Page for Verbal Harassment if the harassment is verbal or Physical Harassment if it is not verbal.

In page for Verbal Harassment the UODreams Staff will be able to visualize the conversation log that contains the offense reported.

It is recalled that the conversations log have short-term, therefore, it's recommended to do verbal page promptly (within 5 minutes) so that the offending messages are still in memory and then be saved with the page to be viewed by a Staff member.

In addition, since the Verbal page can be viewed in game directly by the Staff, the player must not absolutely log out of the game because the page would disappear. In any case, the speechlog will likewise be sent via e-mail and may be read by an administrator at a later time. The player who can not wait for the intervention of the Staff in the game because he has to log out, is invited to do a page on UODreams site to report the situation. As soon as possible, an administrator will check the email and possibly take the appropriate steps.

If the Staff estimates that in the conversations log are present Harassment bearing unnecessary noise, it will mute players responsible for the violations until the next UODreams restart. To The fifth infringement punished with mute (remembering that do not expire over time), there will be an automatic jail for 2 days and the mute counter will be reset.

If the Staff estimates that in the conversations log are present Harassment bearing clear violation of other players personal dignity, it will put in jail players responsible for the violations at least for 2 days.

If the Staff estimates that in the conversations log are present Harassment aimed to create an intimidatory, intolerant, degrading or humiliating atmosphere that may damage the diversity of race, language, sex, religion and any other topic public awareness, it will put in jail players responsible for the violations for at least 5 days.

By Physical Harassment Page, players are able to inform The UODreams Staff about harmful or annoying behaviour in progress.

Arriving in the place where the page was made, UODreams Staff carefully will play close attention that the report received is referred to behaviors in progress, and when evaluating that the reported behavior is persistently harassing, unwanted and unusual only to unnecessarily disturb the normal people's game using mechanics with different purposes than those for which are present or applying them in order to cause unnecessary discomfort, the Staff will put in jail players responsible for the violations for at least 2 days.

It is forbidden to block any passage area to any player by placing item (bagball, boats, etc ...); It's also prohibited to place items that obstacles the reaching of boats, recall points, gates, etc. In case of infringement we will proceed to the cancellation of the cumbersome object , and if happen a particularly troublesome situation it will cause the jail. It is considered Physical Harrassment even hiding the way through the passage with bagballs or other items, therefore it is not allowed to even hide a passage through a way of bagballs.

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VII. Repeating messages in game

It's forbidden to repeatedly pronounce words or phrases in game bothering other players and unnecessarily occupying the game screen of others.

The behaviour that leads to a slowdown in the game and does not allow players to read and communicate in game it's forbidden and will be punished by at least muting the player.

To avoid such behaviour just say phrases using the client default settings in order that on the screen appear just two lines without capital letters unless necessary for the proper understanding of the message.

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VIII. Market and Auctioneer

UODreams protect and ensure the proper execution of the agreements between players taken in the Market Forum.

It's forbidden in the auctions present on the Auctioner System, to mislead buyers falsifying, altering or omitting data or useful information for the valuation of the purchase. Any infringement implies the resolution of the auction by the Staff with the withdrawal of the goods obtained from such exchange, at the discretion of the Staff can also be applied a penalty from the jail to wipe / ban to the Seller account.

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IX. Sale/purchase extra game

It's forbidden to sell and buy with real money items for game or even the entire account, the penalty may be up to the ban of the involved accounts. In order that the Staff can intervene must be presented concrete and unequivocal evidence.

Decisions in this regard are totally at the discretion of the UODreams Staff or GamesNet!

Focus On Penalties

Penalties are not just punishments but they represent an effective deterrent to prevent the recurrence of unwanted behaviour.

Therefore to those players who continue to not observe and comply with regulations, directives and decisions, and act as recidivist the Staff will apply a proportional increase in penalties for recidivism and the seriousness of the offense itself.

The recidivism of a player is classifiable based on the repetition of a specific behavior (or linked to it) and will be punished with harsher punishment of 2 days for each infraction of the same type within the past 6 months.

Es: a jail of 2 days is given for Verbal. The player has committed the same infringement over the past 6 months and then will have a harsher punishment of 2 days.
Then 2 + 2 = 4 days of jail.
If he will repeat the same error (with the same gravity) will have 2 + 2 + 2, and so on...

Es2: a jail of 5 days is given for Verbal. The player has committed the same infringement over the past 6 months and then will have a harsher punishment of 2 days.
Then 5 + 2 = 7 days of jail.
If he will repeat the same error (with the same gravity) will have 5 + 2 + 2, and so on...

If the jails are for Macro Away on the Heartwood quest or Cooperative Collections, the calculation of recidivism and their punishment will be different, but always counted in the last 6 months.

A. Heartwood

  • 1° jail 1day
  • 2° jail 2days
  • 3° jail 3days + 1.5KK gold coin
  • 4° jail 4days + 2KK gold coin
  • 5° jail 5days + 2.5KK gold coin
  • 6° jail 15days + Wipe items, skills and/or stats
  • 7° jail 15days + Total Wipe and/or ban

B. Cooperative Collections

  • 1° jail 1day
  • 2° jail 2days
  • 3° jail 3days + Wipe of the points of all the collection
  • 4° jail 4days + Wipe of the points of all the collection
  • 5° jail 5days + Wipe of the points of all the collection
  • 6° jail 15days + Wipe items, skills and/or stats
  • 7° jail 15days + Total Wipe and/or ban

The serious fault or negligence of having repeatedly violated or disregarded the requirements in regulations, directives or decisions; the intolerable nuisance proved to UODreams and the community of players may cause the loss of everything a player has in the game (WIPE) or the ban from the GamesNet panel (BAN).

Final Entries

The Staff suggests to frequently consult the website and the official forum for the latest updates on news, alerts or deployments.

For questions or clarification on the Rules or their application, write to 

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