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Online characters list
Aegrian [/\/\]
- Vysion
Lady Anastasia
The Famed Arcturus Mengsk Babuska
Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
The Eminent Lord Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Notable Craffone [SBK]The Honest DOLORES [MEN]
The Illustrious Lord DrugIsGoOd [SF]
- Maicol
The Glorious Lady Edil Amink'Ya [TMG]
- Sta Min K'ya
The Dark Lord Efesto [SBK]
- Scorpio
The Glorious Elise Delacroix [EvoL]
- Signora Tribale
The Illustrious Enhanced Heart [LaV]
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC] Genny Gengiva
Gina Seng [BM]The Nefarious GRANDE PUFFO [LvX]
- Quo Vado?
HistoriaThe Dread Lord IREGAST [SoB]
Lord Jimmi Il Fenomen [/\/\]The Rude KeTaMinE
The Ignoble KirTankThe Dread Krios Ocuspocus
Array L'The Glorious Lady LA MONTAGNA [TMG]
The Glorious Lady Libera [War]The Glorious Lady Madusa [EvoL]
Masamune [ANAS]Lord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Sky
The Eminent Lord Minador Mirko
The Illustrious Lady Mondina [/\/\]
- Pierihno
The Glorious Lady NEMICO PUBBLICO [LoVe]
- 25%
The Fair Nicola Amati [R0M]
- Amu Familia
The Estimable Optima Prima [BM]
The Illustrious Rhaegar [/\/\]
- Manus
The Sinister Lord Ringhio [SARO]
The Respectable Sampey NihiraThe Villainous Sborocillino
The Good Shelina RobertsLady Sora Mei
Lord Stachanov [TMG]
- Adenolfee
Test icoloThe Glorious Lady The Luissin [TMG]
- Gunterina
Lord TheBearLord ToDo LoCo [TMG]
Lord TrakkerThe Illustrious Lord Unknown
Valery IceThe Dread Visara [KP]
- Sacred Keeper
The Glorious Lady Visenya AllyrionThe Dread Wardaddy Collier [LoVe]
- A Piacere Vostro
WorkerThe Glorious Zazie The Beast

Invisible ones: 10
Total: 56
Max: 949

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