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Online characters list
Lord Aefestus [/\/\]Lord Agushi Calderaus [/\/\]
The Illustrious Alhandra [SBK]
- Vecna
The Honest Arcturus Mengsk
The Dread Arrhenal Azatoth [/\/\]
- Taursil
Bettina Billy Lee Black [EoF]
- Masterchef
Lady Bio ParcoLord Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
The Glorious Cassiopea [SBK]
- Nebula
Chopper Starring [/\/\]
The Respectable Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Illustrious Com Truise [LoVe]The Glorious Lady Efighter [/\/\]
- Efialte
The Glorious Lady Elise Delacroix [EvoL]
- Campionessa Divina
The Distinguished Lord Exargo [TMG]
The Despicable Eye Of Judgement [HaTe]
- Hydra
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]
The Famed FeLiX SoulBlaDe [LvX]
- Il Cucciolo!
The Glorious Lord GRAMOZ N'Despair [/\/\]
- (V) T4M3R 4 P4S5i0n
The Dread GrottA [SoB] HardCrocodile
The Dread Lord IREGAST [SoB]The Glorious Lady LA MONTAGNA [SBK]
The Glorious Lady Lagertha Mc Loud [SBK]
- Melo
The Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]The Respectable Martin Longbow
The Unsavory Mastro Arcaio [/\/\]
- Didina
Mastro Impiastro [SBK]
- claudio
Lady MelThe Kind Minador
The Fair Mini Mino [/\/\]
- Lord Downunder
The Dread Lord MinO lA Notte [LoVe]
The Fair MinotardiThe Glorious Lady Mordoch [SBK]
- Ale
NettunoLord Nonno Pain [LoVe]
The Noble Lord Ocelot [TMG]
- Er Mezza
The Dread Rizlas [/\/\]
- Gan
The Dread Sandor [/\/\]
- kata
The Glorious Lady Sawyer [EvoL]
- Death Eater
The Glorious Lord Shadow of Death [SBK]
- Ghost
The Trustworthy Silas Dovahkiin [TMG]
- Wazikashi
The Outcast Snoop Dogg [LvX]
The Distinguished Lord TheBear
The Illustrious Lady UnderTaker [SBK]
- gonno
The Illustrious Lord Unknown
The Dread Lord Valdir Kentor [/\/\]Lady Wall at Work
Lord Walter White [/\/\]
- Gianfry
The Admirable WELLA [LICH]
Lord Worker IILady Workerinho [LoVe]
- Rautgar
The Renowned zipadrone [/\/\]The Glorious Lady Zu Toto- [SBK]
- Toto

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