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Online characters list
Lord Anton StradivariThe Dishonored Lord Bilbo Baggins
Brontolo [/\/\]The Glorious Lady Carry [/\/\]
- La Bella Gm
Lord Cassio Dione Chanel Oberlin
Array Choco De La Vega [R0M]The Sinister Lady Classic Fusion [BOT]
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
The Good Ennio Doris [/\/\]
- Aviopane
Fox Lord
Lord GeppoThe Fair Goldie Wilson [KP]
korky Legnaiolo [E0S]
- Artigiano
The Eminent Lady Leia Organa [/\/\]Lord MagneticField [POV]
- Point of View
Me Lo Frego [KP]The Renowned Nonno Pain [)PR(]
The Dread Lord NuspaxThe Dread Oktoberfest [/\/\]
- Mozzo di Gilda
The Wicked P' [FP]The Illustrious Sampei
Lord Sarticieddu [R0M]
- Umix
Sir Pepitos Touch Me [KAI]
- Mani Giganti
TrismegistoLord Worker II [S.K]
Lady XWF [/\/\] Yuno [/\/\]
- Lucyl
Lord Yves St Germain [/\/\]Lord Zodraz

Invisible ones: 9
Total: 32
Max: 124

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