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Online characters list
Lord Agushi Calderaus [/\/\]
- Smighool
The Glorious Lady Alexstrasza [/\/\]
- shaobei
The Renowned Also StarringLady Anastasia [/\/\]
- Valdir
The Great BeaVeR DoN ChuCK [LvX] Bettina
Lady Bio ParcoLord Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
The Eminent Lord Cluster [A†N]
- Master
Lady Cozza BivalveThe Glorious Lord Don Hector [/\/\]
- Gianfry
The Noble Lord Everyman [TMG]
- Ponzy
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]
The Fair Folderino Giolly
The Dread GrottA [SoB]The Dread Lord Gunter [TMG]
- Gun
The Illustrious Heatred Of Sunfl [/\/\]
- Mjgliu
Il Vanni [BOT]
- Compagno di merende
Lord illumiThe Dishonored Lady KeTaMinE
The Dread Lord Key Don Kong [/\/\]
- DonKy
Kylun [/\/\]
- Taursil
LLewellyn Rhydel Louen
The Prominent luluThe Dastardly magus
The Eminent Lord Marcello Foa [sdrv] Marlena [/\/\]
- Krondar
Lord MastroRenLord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Sky
The Eminent Lord MinadorThe Fair Mini Mino [/\/\]
- Lord Downunder
The Despicable MorriganLord O Mast
The Evil Lord PanzerFaust [TMG]
- Faust Patrone
The Illustrious Lord Rhaegar [/\/\]
- Il Trollino
The Kind ribattino
Lady Sheik [TMG]The Glorious Lord Silver Von Dutch [/\/\]
- Eddy
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
Lord Tane
The Dread Lord The Trash Barrel [TMG]
- Crafto Solo Merda
Lord Worker II
XzjshduaodwjlcdzThe Famed Yin YanG [MEN]
- Bene e Male

Invisible ones: 9
Total: 48
Max: 949

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