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Uncharted seas always hold surprises; no sailor has yet uncovered the secrets of the sea. Only the most notorious pirate captains, who have sailed all the seas in their lifetimes, are aware of the existence of enormous sea monsters, unimaginable legends, and hidden treasures! Captain Barbarossa's ship has once again docked in Sosaria, returning from a long journey and dangerous battles in the seven seas. Their ship needs further repairs, and the crew requires some supplies before setting sail again. The sailors are already buzzing with excitement, sharing their adventures and the legends they have discovered during these two long years of navigation with the townspeople. Are we ready to dive into a new adventure?

Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair

A dangerous curse has followed Captain Barbarossa's galleon. During one of their adventures, they stole something very precious, something that the spirit of an ancient corsair did not appreciate! They looted an ancient ship, where great treasures were hidden, and in particular, a golden amulet representing an ankh! Now, the corsair himself wants the captain's head.

Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair was a cursed pirate who plundered vast amounts of gold in his lifetime! His greed for riches was so immense that he decided to hide his treasures in a deep cave beneath the ocean.

A whirlpool in the water has been trailing the pirate ship for days; some crew members went on a reconnaissance mission but never returned. It is said that the whirlpool leads to an underwater cave, where the corsair's cursed army guards the treasure!

A small boat located at the pirate dock, helmed by the daring cabin boy Morgan the Hub, will allow access to the entrance of the underwater cave where the Cursed Corsair resides. It is possible to reach it by passing over the whirlpool that leads to the cave!

In defense of the Cursed Corsair, besides his damned crew, there are also some sea creatures that the corsair commands thanks to the curse!

The spawns defending Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair are creatures loyal to him, and he has entrusted some of them with parts of the treasure. The cursed crew, in fact, possesses small amounts of the Corsair's treasure as payment for their eternal services!

Once Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair is defeated, if you are lucky, you will have the chance to drop one of the following Artifacts!

Gold Earrings
Random Item Property I Hit Points Increase (3), Stamina Increase (3), Mana Increase (3)
Random Item Property II Hit Points Regeneration (1), Stamina Regeneration (1), Mana Regeneration (1)
Luck 40
Owned By Player Name
Durability 255/255

Clainin's Spellbook
Faction Item
Defense Chance increase 5%
Lower Mana Cost 12%
Lower Reagent Cost 20%
Luck 80
Mana Regeneration 3

Sea Tempest Shield
Magery Bonus 5
EvalInt Bonus 5
Reactive Paralyze
Soul Charge 30%
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Spell Channeling
Cold Resistance 5%
Durability 255/255
Strength Requirement 20

Fortune Visage
Hit Points Increase 5
Lower Mana Cost 8
Luck 250
Hit Points Regeneration 4
Mage Armor
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 15%
Cold Resist 15%
Poison Resist 15%
Energy Resist 15%
Durability 255/255

Libram Of The Stormy Seas
Repond Slayer
Faster Cast Recovery 1
Faster Casting 1
Lower Mana Cost 5%
Spell Damage Increase 30%

Bogling Hide Mukuluks
Strength Bonus 2
Dexterity Bonus 2
Intelligenge Bonus 2
Durability 255/255
Strength Requirement 10

Treasure of the Corsair's

By killing members of Hawkmoon's Cursed Crew, it is possible on rare occasions to find golden figurines in their loot, minor items that are part of the Cursed Pirate's treasure!

Inside the chest, there will be a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Upon the death of Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair, treasure maps will appear in the champion's area. To find the location of the treasures, you must follow the directions on the map, which specify the island where the treasure is located.

Furthermore, while roaming the Champion Spawn, in a secret area of Bucca and in the pirates' party area, you may come across one of the following stealable items. These items can be converted into "Corsair's Ingots"; their rarity determines their equivalent value in gold ingots.

Golden Ingots Craft

The material used to construct Corsair's Treasures can be used to create some special items. Upon reaching "Olumbus the Golden Refiner," you'll find five golden forges in his area. These forges are used to smelt Corsair's Treasures and obtain Corsair's Ingots (which can also be found in treasure chests). The Corsair's Statuettes are considered Artifact Rarity 1 and yield 1 ingot when smelted. Corsair's Treasures (Artifact Rarity 2) yield 5 ingots each. The stealable items yield the following amounts: Artifact Rarity 3 yields 10 ingots, Rarity 4 yields 15 ingots, and Rarity 5 yields 20 ingots.

Large quantities of Corsair's Ingots will be needed to construct the most valuable prizes:

  • Golden Beard Dye - 30 Corsair's Ingot
  • Golden Hair Dye - 50 Corsair's Ingot
  • Golden Ethereal Pigment - 300 Corsair's Ingot
  • Gold Soulstone - 500 Corsair's Ingot

The Corsair's Market

Upon defeating the "Cursed Corsair," every player who has earned the right to loot will receive points to purchase items sold by "Francis Drake the Corsair's Vendor." He offers various items for sale, including:

  • Bolt of Cloth - (50 pieces of hue 2695, 2696, 2697, 2671, 2672, 2673)
  • Enhanced Pen and Ink - (ingredient used for crafting the "Corsair's Fishing Pole")
  • Corsair's Tunic - (available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Surcoat - (available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Kilt - (available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Skirt - (available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Skullcap - (Transmogrifiable target, available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Tricorne Hat - (Transmogrifiable target, available in 3 colors: 1910, 1964, 2721)
  • Corsair's Crown - (Transmogrifiable target)
  • Corsair's Necklace - (used to change the graphic of your gorget)
  • Corsair's Medallion - (used to change the graphic of your gorget)
  • Unknown Corsair's Lantern - (Transmogrifiable target, can have your character's name inscribed)
  • Corsair's Stool - (decorative item)
  • Corsair's Map - (decorative item, double-click to show the map indicating the Cursed Corsair's hideout)
  • Corsair's Rhum Bottle - (decorative item, double-click for a message from an unknown pirate)
  • Throw Pillow - (decorative item)
  • Dragon Brazier - (decorative item, lights up and extinguishes on double-click)
  • Carved Wooden Screen - (decorative item)
  • Corsair's Banner - (decorative item)
  • Corsair's Mapper - (animated decorative item)
  • Blessed Statue - (fills with magery reagents over time if locked down in a house)
  • Mongbat Dartboard - (can be hit with a butcher knife from a distance, moves to dodge knives)
  • Hat of the Cursed Corsair - (features 6 properties and a chance of 8-10 Spell Damage Increase (SDI) or 10-15 Damage Increase (DI), appears as Tricorne Hat, Skullcap, or Bandana)

Corsair's Fishing Pole Craft

On the sacrificial altar in the pirate area, we find Doamok the Shaman, an old shaman who sails with the crew. His knowledge of magical arts is extensive. When spoken to, he explains the possibility of crafting an enchanted fishing rod, and he alone knows the recipe to build it! The shaman gives you a book containing the recipe to craft the "Corsair's Fishing Pole." The ingredients required for crafting are:

  • 10 Corruption
  • 10 Taint
  • 1 Dread Horn Mane
  • 1 Enhanced Pen and Ink

The first three reagents can be obtained from the peerless creatures in Mondain's Legacy and from Dread Horn (DH Mane), while the Enhanced Pen and Ink can be purchased for 20 points from the Corsair's Market. Upon completing these requirements, you obtain a fishing pole with the following properties:

  • Spell Channeling
  • Fishing Bonus +11 o 12
  • Faster Casting 1
  • Faster Casting Recovery 1
  • Lower Mana Cost 10%
  • Spell Damage Increase 25%
  • Random Property Chance
  • Random Property Chance

The two Random Property Chances do not always appear and are quite rare. Among the properties that can appear are the same as those found in the "Scrappers Compendium," :Magery, Meditation, EvalInt, RessSpell Bonus +11 o 12, Lower Reagent Cost 15% o 16%, Mana Regeneration 1, Mana Increase 8, Intelligence Bonus 8. In addition to the skill bonus already present in Fishing, only one additional skill bonus may appear!

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