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On an ancient island situated in the Sea of the Lost Lands, the native tribe suffered the plundering of numerous treasures at the hands of the daring Captain Hawkmoon's crew. Ignoring the warnings of the tribal rite, Hawkmoon challenged fate, unleashing the wrath of the island's inhabitants. Brutally murdered and robbed, the members of the tribe cast a powerful curse, invoking the demon Haagenti. This demon, who had granted the tribe the knowledge of alchemical powers to transform metals into gold, was summoned for vengeance. Not only did Haagenti dominate the alchemical sphere, but he also possessed the ability to infiltrate people's dreams, causing anxiety during the day and insomnia at night. Additionally, Haagenti instilled jealousy, sterile thoughts, and a dangerous mania for greatness. Thus, Captain Hawkmoon and his crew fell victim to the terrible curse. Since then, the demon Haagenti has relentlessly pursued them, turning their lives into an endless nightmare...

Rite of the Seas

On the island of Terra Sanctum, a sacred and mysterious rite known as the "Rite of the Sea" has deep ties to the legend of the Cursed Corsair Hawkmoon, who carries with him a dark curse capable of awakening ancient forces in the heart of the island. Indeed, each time he is defeated, one of the 48 candles on the sacrificial altar of the island's native tribe might be lit. To complete the rite, all 48 candles must be lit.

The tribe of the island, shrouded in an aura of magic and mystery, anxiously awaited the moment when the final candle would shine. It was known that, at the end of the rite, Haagenti, the terrible demon who had granted the native tribe the secrets of alchemy and power, would be summoned. Not only would Haagenti appear, but also his host of acolytes, restless spirits ready to unleash chaos.

When the final candle is lit, a wave of dark energy will sweep across the island. The Rite of the Sea will be concluded. With a roar that will shake the earth, Haagenti and his acolytes will emerge from the shadows, ready to bring destruction and terror. The tribe of the island thus prepares for the final battle, seeking revenge for the affront suffered, knowing that the fate of the island will be decided in this epic clash between light and darkness.

Both in the Party Area and on Luna there is a "Golden Fire", until the ritual is concluded it will be off, but when the ritual is concluded it will light up, warning of the appearance of the Haagenti army!

How Works:

  • On Terra Sanctum in Felucca, there is a sacrificial altar composed of 48 candles.
  • By defeating Hawkmoon the Cursed Corsair within his underwater cave, there is a chance that one of the candles on the altar will light up.
  • The candles light up sequentially, one after the other.
  • When all the candles are lit, the rite will be completed.
  • A global message will follow, announcing the appearance of Haagenti.
  • Haagenti can only appear between 8:00 PM and 11:59 PM.
  • When Haagenti is defeated, the candles will start to extinguish in sequence.
  • It will then be possible to start lighting the candles again by killing Hawkmoon.

Haagenti the Alchemy Demon Lord

Upon the completion of the "Rite of the Sea" between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, the acolytes of the demon Haagenti will appear around the sacrificial altar. You will need to defeat them to make the demon appear! This particular encounter, once defeated, will grant one of the players eligible for the loot one of his Artifacts. Additionally, one of the players eligible for the loot will directly receive a "Hooded Robe" in their bag, which can be used to merge with an "Artifact" robe from the NPC tailor at Blackthorn Castle.

Additionally, all players eligible for loot will be awarded 1k Corsair's Points, which can be spent to purchase items from the "Treasure of the Corsair's" event in the Party Area.

Haagenti the Alchemy Demon Lord

Here is the list of Artifacts dropped by Haagenti the Alchemy Demon Lord:

Corsair's Insigna
Repond Slayer
Strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Damage Increase 20%
Strength Requirement 10

Balron Bone Armor
Dexterity Bonus 5
Hit Point Increase 5
Intelligence Bonus 5
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Mana Increase 8
Stamina Increase 8
Strength Bonus 5
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 15%
Cold Resist 15%
Poison Resist 15%
Energy Resist 15%
Strength Requirement 60
Durability 255/255

Agapite Earrings
Random Eater 5%
Random Stats 2
Hit Points Regeneration 3
Owned By Player Name
Durability 255/255

Ranger's Cloak Of Augmentation
Kinetic Eater 5%
Swing Speed Increase 5%
Spell Damage Increase 3%
Lower Mana Cost 1%
Strength Requirement 10

Sea Tempest Shield
Magery Bonus 5
EvalInt Bonus 5
Reactive Paralyze
Soul Charge 30%
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Spell Channeling
Cold Resistance 5%
Durability 255/255
Strength Requirement 20

Fortune Visage
Hit Points Increase 5
Lower Mana Cost 8
Luck 250
Hit Points Regeneration 4
Mage Armor
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 15%
Cold Resist 15%
Poison Resist 15%
Energy Resist 15%
Durability 255/255

Libram Of The Stormy Seas
Repond Slayer
Faster Cast Recovery 1
Faster Casting 1
Lower Mana Cost 5%
Spell Damage Increase 30%

The Cult of Haagenti

On Terra Sanctum, the ancient indigenous tribe practices the worship of Haagenti, continuing to craft gold items thanks to their alchemical knowledge. Roaming the island, besides the sacrificial altar used to summon the ancient demon, one can find a camp and the golden palace, where the tribe practices their worship in the name of the deity. The Shamans are aggressive and will attack anyone who approaches either the temple or their camp!

By killing the Shamans, it is possible to find one of the 8 pieces of the "Corsair's Bone" in their loot, a collection of heads to assemble.:

Additionally, on the island, there will be other Stealable Artifacts as part of the "Treasure of the Corsair's" event:


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