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Find The Reindeers

FROM 21/12/2023 AT 20:00

Santa Claus's reindeer have disappeared, and we need to help the elves find them! Without his beloved reindeer, Santa Claus won't be able to fly his sleigh!

By reaching Santa Claus's area via the Moon Train, which will take you there, you can accept once a day (per account) Sinterklaas's mission, which is reachable through a hatch located next to Santa Claus's chair!

After accepting the mission and leaving his house, you must accept individual missions from the colored elves in front of Santa Claus's area!

When you speak with Sinterklass, he will also give you a Reindeers Candy Cane, a special staff with +20 Animal Taming, in case an Elf or a Gargoyle wants to undertake the mission!

You'll need to reach the locations they indicate to find the reindeer! When you find a reindeer, you'll need to tame it and then bring it back to Ron the Groom! Typing "santa" will display a target and you can stable the reindeer! Each time a reindeer is brought back to the stable, you'll receive the hooves of the saved reindeer in your backpack. Delivering Rudolph instead will reward you with a special "Hammer"!

Using the hammer when you possess all the items will create a "Gift For Santa" that you can give to the grand "Ice Tree" to obtain a Reward Chest with the chance to find one of the following items:


    Quest Point
  • a deed from 100 to 150 Quest Points!

    Special Snowball
  • this type of Snowball works even if the target doesn't have one in their backpack!
  • there are 10 different colors, and each color is associated with a GM's name!
  • when thrown, it maintains the effect of the same color of the Snowball!

  • Santa's Timepiece:
    when double-clicked, it displays the game's time.
  • Royal Explorer's Book:
    spellbook of "Europa Gold" color.
  • Snow Covered Reindeer Topiary:
    a reindeer-shaped hedge that can rotate in two directions.
  • Snow Covered Llama Topiary:
    a llama-shaped hedge that can rotate in two directions.
  • Snow Covered Bear Topiary:
    a bear-shaped hedge that can rotate in two directions.
  • Large Snow Tree Deed:
    placeable snow-covered tree with a deed.
  • Large Snow Globe Deed:
    reproduction of a snow globe placeable with a deed.


  • Midnight's Wrap:
    robes with all resistances at 4%.
  • Warlord Sash:
    human or gargish version, has a random stat and eater.
  • Santa's Ring:
    Santa Claus's ring with the same characteristics as the white "Crystalline Ring".
  • Mark Of The Destroyer:
    belt with mana regeneration and hit point increase.
  • Santa's Elf Boots:
    special elf shoes wearable by humans too, providing dexterity bonuses.
  • Barded Horse Statuette:
    a barded horse with the same characteristics as the "Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon" regarding a 12% damage reduction.
  • Ozymandis'Hiryu Statuette:
    a barded hiryu with the same characteristics as the "Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon" regarding a 12% damage reduction.


Dog's Briddle
  • allows entry into a particular area where you can tame one of the six canine races!
  • can be traded and therefore sold.
  • these pets require Animal Taming and Animal Lore skills to be tamed and controlled!
  • they possess the ability of Cu Sidhe, "Healing," and the same statistics and skills, but can be ridden by a "human" race character.

      If you obtain the Dog's Briddle, to enter the area where these pets can be tamed, you need to reach the Christmas area and enter the "Red Brick House." From there, it's possible to reach the taming area, either in a party or alone!

      Note: If the pet that comes out in the taming area is killed, another won't come out. You'll have only one attempt to try to tame it!

      Once inside, you'll have 15 minutes to tame the pet. If you can't do it within this time limit, you'll be moved out of the area. To exit early, use the sparkle near the entrance zone!

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