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The History

Captain Barbarossa with his crew landed on Sosaria, returning from a long journey and dangerous battles in the seven seas, their ship needs some repairs and the crew some supplies before leaving. The Captain is a man respected by everyone in the seas, the story tells of him as one of the greatest pirates who ever sailed the oceans! Taking advantage of the break, the members of Captain Barbossa's crew got to work and agreed on some missions to be carried out before the start of the new journey, among other things they also set up a special area to resell some of the precious objects they found. during their sea voyages!
The Captain, however, during the last voyage suffered huge losses just when he was going to meet one of the most dangerous and exciting of his adventures, in fact it is said that in a strip of sea there lives an enormous marine creature that defends the treasures accumulated by the destroying ships, more precisely this creature was once nothing more than an ordinary Pirate. His obsession with the treasures of the sea led him to an irreversible curse !!

His rather horrible features also terrify anyone and for this he was given the nickname of "Cabeza De Pulpo". His curse keeps him tied to that strip of sea to protect his treasure that from time to time is enriched by those of the ships that try to take it ....
Just when Barbarossa arrived in those dark waters most of his crew mutinied by throwing themselves into the water at the sight of the horrible sea monster, despite this the Captain and part of his crew managed to inflict serious damage on him by knocking the enormous sea monster, but when they were about to start loading the treasures found in that place the monster found forcing them to flee !!! "This being is immortal" claimed the pirates, "Although he no longer had his head he managed to get up and it reappeared" said others!

To date they are only rumors and rumors of the sea, but surely working with the captain there will be a way to collide with the horrendous creature!


Barbarossa offers 7 mini-quests, you can find him aboard his Galleon moored in the party area, the mini-quests can be repeated every 6 hours with all the characters, by completing one you will receive a reward of "Golden Coins" and "Quest Point "plus the Skull of the related mission which has a duration of 24 hours.

In addition to this, to take revenge on the horrendous creature, he asks to deliver the head of Cabeza De Pulpo to him, returning it to him will compensate you with a "A Pirate's Rhum - UODreams Summer 2022" available in seven special colors !!!

Collecting all 7 Skulls from the missions will allow you to face the final boss "Cabeza De Pulpo" once every 24 hours.

But first let's see in detail the miniquests:

Summer Quest 1 - Pirate Hunters

On the scaffold you will find Loris The Pirate Hunters who will entrust you with the mission by giving you an "Iron Rope". Loris will ask you to capture one of the pirates who mutinied the ship, they are hiding in "Terra Sanctum" in the Pirates' lair!

Once in Terra Sanctum you will find in front of the entrance to the lair Fabien The Pirate who will ask you to leave as you do not seem like "pirates" and access is allowed only to them!

However, you will find a man on the beach ready to sell you some clothes to disguise you, you will have to buy these clothes and talk again with Fabien The Pirate who will let you enter the pirate den! Once inside some pirates, seeing your presence, will escape and you will have to capture the right one! Once captured, return to the Captain Barbarossa ship and deliver the mission using the Red Skull placed on the Galleon!

Summer Quest 2 - Supplies Cargo

Inside the castle, sitting at the table to do the billing, you will find Francisco The Captain who will entrust you with the mission and a book where you will find his requests. This mission consists of a utility cargo recovery for the crew, you will find all the merchants to buy goods from in Bucca!

From Adrian The Carpenter you can buy the "Heavy Boards" necessary for the repair of the ship, unfortunately the cargo that was waiting for has not yet arrived, collect the letter with the order purchase and go find the cargo that was traveling on the road between Yew and Skara! Once you have found the cargo and collected the wood, go back to Adrian who will give you 1 Heavy Boards!

From Gustavo The Cannonball Crafter you can buy the required "Cannonballs", but unfortunately he will run out of "Black Iron" so he will ask you to go and retrieve it from Eric, the Blacksmith from Serpent's Hold. Collect the Black Iron back to him so he can craft the Cannonballs!

From Clint The Shipwright you can find "Ropes", for the deep respect he has for the captain he will give them to you!

From Linda The Barkeeper you can buy the "Rhum Barrels", but he will ask you to bring him some empty barrels to be filled, we can find the barrels just below the Minoc Mines in a tent from Sirius the Carpenter. You will need to take two coins with you to buy them! Once you have purchased 10 barrels, return to Linda in Bucca, she will fill the barrels one by one!

From Flavio The Gunpowders Maker you can get the "Gunpowders Crates". The gunpowder depot has been stormed by robbers hiding in New Haven, go there and retrieve it by any means! After that, go back to Flavio in Bucca, he will give you the Gunpowder Crates!

Once you have collected everything in the book of requests, just go back to Captain Barbossa's ship and use the Green Skull to end the mission.

Summer Quest 3 - The Ghost Ship

Inside the castle, in the magicians room you will find Cornelius The Necromancer which will tell you an ancient legend of the seas, in fact it is said that between midnight and six morning in a strip of sea on Tokuno appears the famous "Ghost Ship" led by the now deceased Black Corsair, then he will entrust you with a Magic Box!

Cornelius' request is to find the Cursed Pendant that the Black Corsair owns, we will then go to the Zento pier and between midnight and six in the morning there will be the opportunity to take and ride sea horses to reach the place where usually the ship appears. When the ship appears beyond the sea clouds it will be possible to get on it and face the Black Corsair, once you have recovered the Cursed Pendant and inserted into the Magic Coffer you can return to Captain Barbarossa's ship and use the Blue Skull to end the mission!

Summer Quest 4 - The Cursed Treasure

On Captain Barbarossa's Galleon you will find Jack The Commander , the man who manages the crew's treasures! Speaking with him, he will give you a set of keys and direct you to the Sea Market where some fishermen have loaded the crates of some sunken boats!

Arrived at the Sea Market and recovered the treasure chest you will have to bring it to the Wizard who lives on Ilshenar, under the dungeon of the wizards! It will be able to open it while evading any curse it contains, opening it will give you an ancient artifact! Then return to Captain Barbarossa's ship to deliver the mission using the Yellow Skull!

Summer Quest 5 - Pubblic Execution

Also on the execution scaffold you will find Doris The Executioner who will entrust you with a very special mission! Speaking to her you will receive a Killing Missive and she will ask you to go to a famous inn on Ilshenar to carry out the mission!

Once you reach the inn you will find everything you need to carry out the mission in the cellar, first of all you will need to blend in well with the staff of the room so use the "Chest Of Clothes" to receive the clothing and wear it! Once worn, take the Empty Goblet "placed on the table and fill it from one of the barrels in the cellar, once you have gone up to the inn and serve it at Rodrigo The Putrid Pirate . If you have filled the mug from the correct barrel then the Pirate will fall to the ground! If this does not happen it means that you have not filled the glass from the poisoned barrel, you will have to go back to the cellar, take another one and fill it until Rodrigo is poisoned!

When the Pirate dies you will receive a map and another Pirate sitting at the tables will congratulate you on the excellent work done! Speaking to him he will give you a shovel and ask you to go digging to recover the hidden treasure! Once you have recovered the treasure, go back to Captain Barbarossa's ship and use the Purple Skull to deliver the mission.

Summer Quest 6 - Deadly Epidemy

Reaching Eric The Doctor in his study inside the castle he will ask you to leave on a very dangerous mission! In fact, some Pirates who were exploring an indigenous island were struck by a bad disease, the three pirates in question are in the three pirate camps on the island and are in limbo between life and death! Eric will give you a pair of "Latex Gloves", three "Test Vials" and a "Vials Container".

You will then have to reach Amoeba Island and look for the three Pirates affected by the disease, wearing Latex Gloves take blood from all three pirates, once you have taken all three vials and inserted into the Vials Container go to the "laboratory analysis "you Trinsic, you will find them a doctor, talk to him!

In the meantime, you will be asked to take a sample to see if you too have contracted the disease, take an empty test tube from the table and sit on the chair to take the sample, once collected talk to the doctor, he will examine both your health and that of the tubes with the blood of pirates. Once the cure is packaged you will find ampoules on the table to collect! Collect the vials, go back to Captain Barbarossa's ship and deliver everything via the Orange Skull.

Summer Quest 7 - The Sunken Wreck

Near the sacrificial altar in the center of the island you will find another small boat moored, on it you will find Serena The Pirate who will entrust you with a mission! This mission knows a bit of revenge for a love story that ended badly, in fact she will ask to recover some letters from her old Lover that have sunk into the sea with all the harness! First of all she will give you a Magic Rope and she will ask you to go to the maze of Britain to get the egg from a "Tacchinella" that goes around the labyrinth!

When we manage to take the infamous egg we will have to go back to the island and enter the castle, in the room with the liberia where we will find the book that tells the stories of Rapa Nui! Taking it we find a parchment and with this we will have to reach the lake of Malas near Umbra, from there walking on the strip of water we will arrive above the wreck of an ancient ship sunk in the lake but to be able to enter the underwater world it will be necessary to guess the right combination by clicking on the eggs placed on the wreck!

Entering the sunken wreck we find a Pirate who has the keys to the ship's cabin, we should kill him to secure them! After taking them we could enter the cabin where we will find another mechanism with a combination to guess between rudders and bells. Once you have guessed the sequence you will be able to enter the room where the letters are contained and after having taken them you will be able to return to Serena's ship and deliver the letters in the mailbox! Once this is done, go back to Captain Barbarossa's ship and use the Blue Skull to deliver the mission!


After having completed all 7 missions of Captain Barbarossa you can decide to face the boss "Cabeza De Pulpo", decide with which character to face him, in party or alone. You will have 20 minutes to defeat him!

Summer Quest - In the Depths Of The Seabed

When you own all 7 Skulls from Captain Barbarossa's mini-quests it will be possible to clash with the legendary "Cabeza De Pulpo"! Reaching the ship and talking to the Captain you will be explained what he really wants most of all, namely the head of the sea monster!

In order to have access to the final boss, in addition to the 7 skulls as mentioned before, you will need an additional item, the "A Savage Mechanism - Activator" that you can collect once a day from Captain Barbarossa's ship:

To get the "A Savage Mechanism - Activator" you have to go to the Captain's ship and enter the ship's hold through the Hatch:

When you have all 7 Skulls and the Savage Mechanism Activator it will be possible to activate the altar. Initially you will have to place all 7 skulls on the candlesticks which are marked with the writing of the color of the relative Skull to be placed! Once you have inserted all the Skulls, make sure that those in your backpack have been used correctly, losing their color and donating it to the altar, that is, they have become "white".

When all 7 Skulls in your Backpack have turned white you can go to the center of the Sacrificial Altar and use the "A Savage Mechanism" placed on the table. By doing this, your Skulls and the Savage Mechanism Activator will disappear and you will receive the key in your bag to be able to access the hideous creature's lair to challenge him! To access it you will have to position yourself on the Sacrificial Altar and use the "Summer Quest - In the Depths Of The Seabed" to enter, you can do it both alone and with the help of a Party made up of other companions!

In addition to acquiring the key to access the Boss's lair, you will also receive a good reward in Quest Point and a distinct number of Golden Coins!
Tackling "Cabeza De Pulpo" won't be an easy feat! The horrendous creature lives in a strip of sea and therefore it will be necessary to use the Sea Horses that you will find on the beach, alternatively you can face it by walking on the rocks that lead from the beach to the boss!

Rewards Of Cabeza De Pulpo

By facing this boss you will also have the opportunity to drop one of the following four items:

With the Golden Coins received during the mini quests and activating the altar you can buy some of the treasures of the sea collected by the Pirates in their travels, among these there are some special items named by the UODreams Game Masters.

  • 1 - A Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte Amandine Showing The Murder Of Her Family
  • 2 - A Ladder Made Of Golden Woven Hair
  • 3 - Creme Dollup
  • 4 - Sacrifical Altar Tile
  • 5 - Purestone Crystal Fragment
  • 6 - Purestone Crystal Fragment
  • 7 - Deamon Blood Candle - Kas Vas Flam Bal Xen
  • 8 - Oni Ni Kanabo
  • 9 - Queen Bee
  • 10 - See! I Beat Mesanna Playing Roulette
  • 11 - The Hissing Cat Of House Mirza
  • 12 - The Golden Calf
  • 13 - Exceptional Elven Helm Crafted By Magneto
  • 14 - Exceptional Kilt Painted By Julius
  • 15 - Exceptional Staff Crafted By Raptus
  • 16 - Exceptional Scythe Painted By Hades
  • 17 - Exceptional Spellbook Crafted By Chrono
  • 18 - Exceptional Elven Apron Painted By Onision
  • 19 - Exceptional Torch Crafted By Tauron
  • 20 - Exceptional Jester Shoes Crafted By Lilith
  • 21 - Exceptional Lantern Crafted By Elektra

At the Black Market on the island you will find all of these items displayed on a table for sale, you can also see their properties before buying them. If double-clicked, a Gump will open where the object and its price will be better described, to confirm the purchase it will be necessary to target the item that has been double-clicked on the table with the viewfinder, otherwise to cancel the operation just aim on the ground or on the own character.


  • When going to buy these items, the Golden Coins in the backpack must be stacked otherwise the purchase will fail
  • Once the purchase has been confirmed using the viewfinder on the item, no refunds can be made
  • You can make only one final Encounter every 24h and with only one char! When you bring the activator be ready for fight him!
  • If you want delete questitem and start again one of the mini-quest you will find 7 stones that delete all item of a single quest in bag!
  • You need to wait 6 hour between a miniquest finish and restart!

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