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Razor Guide

Example 1

Craft an item with a single button

Is possible record a macro to craft an item with a button, the following is an example repeatable for any item.

I want to craft... a stool Zaino

We must have the necessary for begin the craft:
  • we need a tool; a saw, for example
  • Some wood (logs or boards)

Zaino con Sega e Logs

Go to the Macros tab in Razor.

Now we can begin to record...

Click the "New" button and name the macro, in this way we create a new macro.

Crea la Macro

By clicking "Record" we begin to record the macro.

Record per iniziare a Registrare

Double click the saw and the Carpentry craft gump will appear.

Click "Furniture" on the left menu

Carpentry Mený

On the right menu select "Stool"

Carpentry Mený

Carpentry Mený

Now go back to Razor and click on "Stop"

Note: Razor doesn't care how many time you take to record a macro beacause it doesn't record the time, only the action, windows etc. (pauses can be manually added if needed).

Now we see on the Razor window some operations

Macro Registrata

if we press the play button on the selected macro, Razor will craft a stool.


If we need other stools, we must check the "Loop" box, so Razor will craft until we have enough woods and tool's uses.

If we need many items, where a unique tool isn't enough, we have to manually modify the macro.

Check the first text line.

  • Here we can find Double Click and between brackets a list of numbers.

Macro Registrata

This means that Razor double click on a specific item, in this case a specific saw, that, once out of charges, will disappear and the macro stop works.
To avoid the macro will be bind on a specific item, but works with any tool of that type, we have to select the first line, right click and select "Convert to DClick by Type.

Edit della Macro

herewith, Razor will use randomly any saw is in inventory.

Let's continue analyze the macro...
  • The second line waits for a gump (a window in game), in this case the craft's gump
  • third line is the click on the "Furniture" button.
  • Fourth line waits for the craft's gump for keep on.
  • The fifth line clicks on the "Stool" button for craft the item.
  • Sixth line waits for the gump where UO write the craft's result.

Macro Registrata

The last line is why the macro can't works for ever, when a tool disappear, the craft's result will not be displayed, but the result appear in game, so Razor will wait indefinitely a gump that will never appear;

thats why is necessary select the last line and right-click on it then select "Remove Action".

Edit della Macro

For works properly, the macro needs a pause of one second to the end (therefore will be faster than UO): right-click on the macro's window then select "Insert Pause/Wait".

Edit della Macro

Put a one second pause (1000 milliseconds) and click on "Insert". If you need to move the various macro's lines, you can use the "Move Up" "Move Down" option on the right-click menu.

Macro Registrata

That's all... we can check the "Loop" box and press "Play", Razor will begin to craft stools.

Macro Finita

Tanti Sgabelli =)

::By GM Spy::


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