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Razor Guide

Example 2

Move a set of similar objects between two containers.

With Razor is possible move same type items (same "image") between two containers in no time.

This macro is usefull to save time, especially for worker characters.

We have a carpenter that have just crafted a plenty of stools Sgabello - Stool and have the inventory full of them

Zaino pieno di Sgabelli

To move items from inventory to another container, we use the "Agents" tab.

Mený Agents

Select from the scrolldown menu the voice "Organizer" (there are 5, so you can record few macros without reset everytime)

Zaino Mený Agents - Organizer 1

Click on the "Add (Target)... and select with the viewfinder the item you wish to move. In this case select the Stool Tanti Sgabello - Stool (you can even select different items, will be moved altogheter).
Then in the window "Organizer1" will appear the Stool.

Press the "Set Hot Bag" button and then select the container where you wish to move the items; so you need another container, a bag for example

Zaino con Bag

At least, when you click on "Organize Now", Razor will move the items one by one from the inventory to the new container. When all the items are in the new container, Razor will inform of how many items have moved.

Bag pieno di Stool

::By GM Spy::


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